• Location

    Arti et Amicitiae - Amsterdam

  • Date


  • Material

    Mixed media

  • Size

    2 big Exhibition spaces at Arti et Amicitiae


Zoete-Broodjes presenteerde  *MAVO*   Kunstenaars met een Mavo-verleden
Zoete-Broodjes presented  *MAVO*   Artist with a MAVO-past

The Exhibition MAVO is based on the idea of how education is part of the background of an artist and how this can influence his artistic approach. Education in the Netherlands is characterized by division: education is oriented toward the needs and background of the student. It is divided over schools for different educational levels. After the Elementary school the Mavo was a choice. The exhibition was presented in an adolescent setting with lots of adolescent-like drawings on the wall. And of course a Wodka bar in the center representing a wild schoolparty.

The only similarity between  the participating artists in the exhibition MAVO is the dubious privilege that they have ever enjoyed education at a Mavo school. Some only a a short while, others largely exceeded the usual four years. They appeared to be dreamkings and dreamqueens. The love of all that is beautiful took precedence over any ambition. Unaware of their shared past, these artist recognized each other. The lack of pretensions, the love of the trivial and the embracing of popular culture.

Is the lean start still relevant in the work of these artists? With this exhibition Zoete-Broodjes overrules the stigmatizing image of the MAVO and the sense of shame. They sublimate the MAVO.

Concept and overall presentation: Zoete-Broodjes (Maaike Visser and Ina Sok)

Participating Artist:
Eduard Bezembinder / Marnix Goossens / Esther Jiskoot / Frank Lenferink / Simone van Dusseldorp /  Mike Ottink  / Rogier Taminiau / Hermen Maat / Oscar Prinsen / Colien Langerwerf / Hessel Miedema / Menso Groeneveld / Ina Sok / S LIoyd Trumpstein / Max Maria Moolenaar / Gabriel Kousbroek / Michael Hall / Bert Feddema / Nils Muhlenbruch / Maaike Visser