A Waste of Labour and Capital

  • Location

    The Bookstore Space - Amsterdam

  • Date


  • Material

    Installation - mixed media

  • Size

    6 x 4 m


We had to get rid of the ornament, cause the waste of labour and capital is an ornament’s biggest crime. We don’t want to promote consumers desire and capitalistic behaviour. Craft and hand-work equals luxury, that is a high price to pay. The Ornament produces effects and resonance. And is particularly known by it’s fanatic ways to approach form, structure and surfaces in a coquettish manner. The ornament is neither mere decoration nor pure ‘art’.

In the exibithion ‘A Waste of Labour and Capital’ the moral and aesthetic question is raised if the ornament is objectionable. Inspired by Ornament and Crime (Adolf Loos 1910) a lecture attacking the ornament in art, that became a historical “game-changer” with great influence on the advent of modern art in early 20th century.

The work functions as a decor for a problem. Maaike operates with negative connotations in an optimistic form.