Maaike Visser

Artist – Lives and works in Amsterdam.
Initiator and organizer of Projectspace Zoete-Broodjes – a platform for contemporary art.

Description of the work:

The work of Maaike Visser consist of installations, sculptures and collages. In which she combines images, different materials and often polemical texts.

The sculptures and installations by Maaike Visser function as a decor for a problem. This may refer to a social problem or a problem in the domain of art. Language and public opinion can be the startingpoint of a sculpture or an installation. But also artefacts of our cultural history.
What constitutes our identity now and how do we relate to certain forms of expression from the past. Maaike operates with negative connotations in an optimistic form. The balance of the strength of the counterpart is being weighed. The underlying associations disqualify each other in a critical manner.

This can result in pamphletistic work that influence the mind in propagandistic way like the ‘Patriots Go Home’ text-mobile. And in moral-aesthetic questions in the field of art and culture as in her works based on the ornament. Inspired by Ornament and Crime (Adolf Loos 1910) a lecture attacking the ornament in art, that became a historical “game-changer” with great influence on the advent of modern art in early 20th century.

In the installations, the placing of the artwork in the space is carefully examined. The theatrical aspect of a decor-like setting offers the cohesion. The work explores the boundaries of the effect, now and then verging on the hysterical. But above all it seems to communicate that it wants to challenge the viewer.